Does Weatherization replace roofs?

No, roof replacement is NOT a Weatherization service, however, a repair can be made ONLY in conjunction to insulating the attic area adjacent to the repair.  If insulation gets wet it can cause mold/mildew and will not be energy efficient. In some case a property can get deferred due to the need of the owner replacing the roof first. Every project can be different from the next. 

Are you a government agency?

No.  Although we often partner to provide services sponsored by the State of Ohio or even the Federal Government, we are not a government agency.

Do you have grants for home repairs?

Grant funds are always a limited resource. We are able to provide emergency repair loans for qualified applicants.

Are you part of the City of Toledo?

No. Although we have a long standing partnership with the City of Toledo's Department of Neighborhoods, we are a private corporation established in 1977.

Do you provide down-payment assistane?

No. We do not provide actual down-payment assistance but we do provide HUD Certified Housing Education which many lenders require for down-payment assistance and mortgage financing.


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