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Once my house has been weatherized, can it be done again?

Services are provided to qualified applicants who have never received assistance. Once we have installed energy conservation measures at your home, they should remain effective in lowering energy use and utility costs even after time has passed. However, while we are generally unable to repeat weatherization, there are some circumstances under which we can return and add additional measures. Please reach out to our Customer Service team to see if this might be an option for you.

Does the Weatherization Program provide new windows?

Weatherization Services do not provide windows or roof replacement; however after a home inspection you may receive tune-up/repair of heating unit, insulation of attics, sidewalls and floors, insulation of heating ducts and water tanks, and reduction of air leakage from major sources.  Work can vary in every situation and is tailored to the unique needs of your home. 

Will I qualify for services if I live outside the City of Toledo?

Weatherization is for all of Lucas County both in and around Toledo. Other programs and different services may have other guidelines. Call us to see what else you could be eligible for.

What credit score will I need to be able to qualify for a mortgage?

Mortgage lending criteria are constantly changing, but a housing counselor would be able to share the latest criteria as well as a plan of action to move forward toward your goals.

Do you provide rental housing?

Maybe! If you qualify, you might be able to  enter into a lease or lease with option to purchase one of a limited amount of properties the organization currently owns. Please call our office for more information.

Do you provide down payment assistance?

No; however, our HUD-certified homebuying education workshop provides the certificate needed to make you eligible for the Home at Last program with the City of Toledo.

Are you a part of the City of Toledo?

We are not a part of the City of Toledo, although we do have a long standing partnership with the City of Toledo's Department of Neighborhoods. We are a private corporation established in 1977.

Do you have grants for home repairs?

Grant funds are always a limited resource; however, we are able and do try to provide emergency repair loans for qualified applicants wherever possible.

Are you a government agency?


We are not;  although we often partner to provide services sponsored by the State of Ohio or even the Federal Government, we are not a government agency.

Does the weatherization program provide roof replacements?

Roof replacement is not normally included in Weatherization services; however, occasionally a repair can be made. This is in conjunction to insulating the attic area adjacent to the repair and is only for the purpose of providing meaningful weatherization.  If insulation gets wet it can cause mold/mildew and will not be energy efficient or safe. In some case a property can get deferred due to the need for work with a larger magnitude than what we are able to provide. Every project can be different from the next and we can provide more detailed information after an evaluation of your home. 

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