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Online Homebuyer Education 

How to Register:

The link above will direct you to the NeighborWorks® Toledo Region's eHomeAmerica website, where you will create an account, register and pay your fee. The cost of the training is $99.00 USD, however, if you use the coupon NTR24, you will receive a $24.00 discount.


Now you are enrolled in a HUD-approved first-time home buyer education training, required by  most lenders and home buying programs. 


You can login in and log out of the site as many times as it takes for you to complete the training. Complete the training at your pace.


What to expect from the training?

The training consists of several modules ranging from "Getting Ready", "Shopping for a Home", "Obtaining a Mortgage", "Protecting your Home", etc. Each module offers several techniques for all adult learners. Complete each module quiz to advance to the next module until you have completed the training and receive notification that you have completed.


Don't worry about the quizzes, you will be learning information that will help you become a homeowner. They are just another tool to help you learn. 

What happens after the training?


When you complete the course, you will receive a confirmation asking you to contact us to receive your "completion" code. This code will allow you to print your certificate of completion you can give to your lender to satisfy your home buyer education requirement. 


If you have any questions or concerns during your training experience, contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

About eHome America


eHomeAmerica was designed to help more people obtain Certified Homebuyer Education. Many people have a difficult time getting to their local NeighborWorks® Chartered Member office for in-person counseling for reasons such as scheduling issues. This online version helps individuals get the education and certification that they need at their convenience.

Though this online course cannot replace in-person homebuyer counseling, we believe that participants can gain a thorough understanding of the home-buying process by utilizing this program.

Each participant in this course will be directly connected to a NeighborWorks® Chartered Member, often to a member in their area. This ensures that participants continue to receive the one-on-one counseling they need over the phone or in-person while receiving their certification online.


eHome America was developed around the "Realizing the American Dream" educational text, created by Neighborworks® America. From this content, numerous educational videos were produced along with interactive forms and other downloadable materials. All items in this program are designed to enhance understanding of the home-buying process, from start to finish.

Once you sign your closing documents, call us to receive 

your $50 Gift Card as our way of  saying

 Thank You for Using our Services.

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