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What is Success Measures?

Success Measures is a specialized, participatory outcome evaluation group that engages stakeholders in the evaluation process and equips them with the tools they need to document outcomes, measure impact and inform change. The program operates as a social enterprise at NeighborWorks America, a national affordable housing and community development intermediary.


Old West End

Neighborhood Initiative


Formed in 2012, with support from the Toledo Community Foundation, the mission of the Old West End Neighborhood Initiative group is: “To promote and empower the residents of the Old West End through viable economic, cultural, political, educational, social and ongoing collaboration with other neighborhood entities”.


Cherry Legacy LLC.

Cherry Legacy LLC. is a partnership of many including St. Vincent Mercy Health Partners, Architech Stu Klein, Ohio Captial, Ohio Financial Housing Authority and NeighborWorks® TOLEDO REGION.  Performing a Success Measures evaluation was only way to determine the overall success of the project.  

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