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Want to join in our mission?

With the generous contributions of those who are invested in the importance of our mission, NeighborWorks® TOLEDO REGION has been able to continue to provide our services and innovate new ways to help those in our communities, since 1977.

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors" 
NeighborWorks® Toledo Region prides itself on its' long tradition of helping those in need. Throughout each program year, we gather monetary donations and donations of food, toys, clothing, and gift cards to donate to a household in need. If you would like to contribute, donate below or contact our office for more details. 

"General Operations"

Although maybe not as glamorous, general operation donations are just as viable to the success of the services and programs we offer. The day to day obligations to operate a non-profit are a crucial component of sustainability.


A sincere thank you from our team and from those we serve, for all that you do so that we can continue to what we do!

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